Yurugu? What the fuck is that. It’s a historical facts capitalism existed in Africa before Europeans. Why are you always trying to blame white people. Where the fuck did these African chiefs who are still in Africa by the way came from. Concentrated wealth and power and economic inequality aka capitalism. Africa as socialist is a lie.

If you wanna see Yurugu, just look in the mirror; and if you wanna deeper understanding of Yurugu, which is you, read this book. (I know you won’t read this book, wit cho functionally literate azzz, but I love posting the cover of it. LOL!) 


As for all of the other shit you were talking about Africa, I’m pretty sure you’ve never read one text on African History, espcially not one written by an African Scholar; so why would I debate your dumb ass about Africa, African Heiarchy & Governance, or African Economics?

You are ignorant and arrogant, but I don’t think that automatically makes you a Racist, but you are a White Supremacist, who think everything and everyone is just like the brutal little global minority that devolved and emerged from Western Europe; that we collectively call Yurugus.

I don’t rate White Supremacist, only White Racist Internet Trolls, so no rating for your dumb ass.  Also, I don’t care about your illusions and myths about African History; stay ignorant and away from me.