Diallo, I recently stumbled across the military installation Diego Garcia and as a pan Africanist still in infancy, the discovery reminded me of the vast military power of the U.S. and other nations that support it. I was also prior military and seen this might first hand. My question is how can we expect to take down a Goliath with stones? I am hopeful but the technological advances of our enemy are not matched. I read the spook who sat by the door but this was so small scale.

The Systems and Institutions of Oppression and Domination have one key flaw, it is dependent on the very people it oppresses and dominates for its survival.  The most potent weapons this System has is it’s Global Propaganda Apparatus that tricks people into thinking the System is unbeatable , or even viable. 

Even the technological advancement of the Systems of Oppression are dependent on the land, labor, and resources of the Oppressed people of the world.  We could shit this shit down without firing one shot if we had that level of awareness and coordination. 

Also, Capitalism and White Domination is in a rapid state of erosion, it’s crumbling under its own contradiction and corruption; the problem is that it’s taking the world’s ecosystems down with it. 

Our job is to target the choke points, create an alternative infrastructure and support network, and educate everyone who’s willing to be educated, and unite with everyone who’s down for principled unity. 

The problem is not even taking down Goliath, cuz Goliath has a terminal illness, the real problem is directing the speed and direction of his fall.

I don’t want to give more details than that to an Anonymous person, but rest assured, this shit is falling, the Western Empires will be the most short-lived (and destructive) empires in human history.