What do you think of wannabe whites (whiggers) who act, talk, and associate strictly with Blacks?

First off, Whites don’t tend to associate or mimic the Black people who are rarely shown in the White media, the (self and/or formally) educated, culturally aware, politically conscious, Pan-African Black people, usually, but I’ll touch on this later, let’s get to the meat of your question.

I know that when you say “Whigger” you are referring to the Whites who wear sagging pants, run in thuggish gangs, smoke blunts, have children they refuse to care for, who abuse drugs and alcohol, disrespect women, commit petty and major crimes, who fight in the streets, and who are generally anti-social and destructive to themselves and their surroundings.  You are ignorant of your own history, and that’s why you associate these White people with “Niggers,” or imagine that they are following Black people in any way.

If you just look at Western/White history, you’ll find that the Thug, Drug, Gang, Anti-Social “Whigger” existed long before Black people ever discovered Whites, that the criminality you associate with Black people is actually born, bred, sustained, and fully a White Thang.  Sorry, but yall are the source of the Thugism, Gangsterism, Pimpology, Bastard Children, Baby Mommas, Stoneners, Druggies, and all that other bullshit.  Europeans invented all that shit, and imposed it on the world, hell Capitalism is nothing but Gangsterism and Pimping, and that’s all yalls, Capitalism is Whitest shit I’ve ever seen.

Whites have been Thugging since they were fighting turf wars with the Neanderthals, since the era of the Greeks and Romans, hell the Vikings were nothing but rampaging Gangs, the whole damn economy of Europe was founded on Gangsterism and Thugging.  Yall turned a whole damn continent into a penal colony (Australia).  That’s how many criminals Western Culture produced!  Enough to fill an entire continent, and still the prisons of Europe were full.  The Puritians who came to the Americas and commited masive rape and genocide were running from the criminals left in Europe, how fucking criminal you gotta be to run genocidal manics out of your land?

So, the Blacks who tolerate the presence of what you call “Whiggers” are actually, Blackas, or Black Krackas, or Negropeons.  These are Black people who’ve succumbed to White oppression and rejected their own culture and standards, and have given into the social role assigned to them by their oppressors.  So you got shit all the way turned around Anon.  The  White are are civilized, articulate, humane, and civil are the real “Whiggers,” the ones imitating Blacks and other non-White cultures.  You see Whites abandoning Western consumerism, practicing Yoga, Khemetic Meditation, burning sage and playing drums, they they real “Whiggers.”  The ones who are acting like base thugs and criminals are just being typical Whites, according to the historical record.  To the extent that these “Whiggers” adopt Black vernacular or swagger, they are just imitating imitators of Western Thug Culture.  Just peep how Jay-Z and other famous Black thugz constantly call out the names of Italian, Jewish, and Irish Gangsters/mobsters, they don’t call out or imitate African Icons like Kwame Ture, Fred Hampton, or Malcolm X.  You got it all twisted and turned around.

But don’t be hard on yourself, as Dr. Amos Wilson stated; “in order for Whites to hold global power the world must be upside down and turned around.”  That means that the most criminal and violent Race (Whites) must be seen as the most law abiding and peace loving, while the most victimized Races (non-Whites) must be painted as violent and uncivilized; the lands that have all the true wealth (the Third World Nations) must be seen as poor, while the truly resource poor nations (Western Europe, Japan) must be seen as wealthy, and so on. 

So, what we can conclude about your “Whiggers” is that they are mislabeled, they are just the lower class of White people who are not as sophisticated in expressing Western degenerate behaviors as White elites like the Bush family.  They associate with Blackas/Negropeons for the same reason the Bush family associates with the Saudi family, or the corrupt African oligarchs; or why Zbigniew Brzezinski runs with Obama; White criminals and thugs love to identify the criminal elements of the cultures and lands they seek to colonize so that can employ then to be agents and sellouts of their own people.  It’s Colonization 101.

So, don’t forget this WRIT (White Racist Internet Troll); as you look at “Whiggers,” you are seeing base Western behaviors, and when you see Blacks engaged in anti-social and petty criminal actions, remember they are pale….I’m sorry, they are dark imitators following the bad example set for them by their oppressors.

Here’s your WRIT Score

WRIT Score: 8.5 Very Good; you did a good job covering your Racist tracks and wording our question to seem like you are actually curious instead of just a petty Racist trying to perpetuate BS stereotypes about Black people, the “Whigger” angle allows you to call out Blacks while pretending you are curious about Whites, you are a very slick WRIT Anon.