On Ownership.

We don’t need to own shit; no other living thing or system owns anything.

People are the only owners on this planet; in fact, only a small
minority of humans on this planet own shit, and there’s no rational
reason for the billions of us who own nothing, or almost nothing to
respect their ownership, their fucking documents, their deeds, their
inheritance, or their Fiat currency.

For the majority of human existence we didn’t own shit, we didn’t have economies, humanity simply lived
within ecosystems, we were regulated by the ecology, we drew from and
contributed to the ecology.  We really fucked up when we invented and
attempted to live within an economy, when we elevated the artificial
economy over the real ecology.

We need Socialism, Scientific Socialism, we need the abolition of
private ownership of people and property.  Once we end ownership we will
all instantly become true stewards, we will become human again.

If “lesser” creatures can thrive and sustain themselves without owning
shit, you mean to tell me the “smartest” primates on this planet can’t
construct such a system; this is a trick question because we have in the
past, and we will inevitably do so in the future, if we have a future.

We will have to abandon economics and return to ecology, the
only question is; how much of the world will still be able sustain life
when we do so.  If we wait too long to dismantle Capitalism, we’ll be
lucky if the world can sustain a few dozens humans or less.  

Our only options are ecological systems and societies, or extinction.  

If I sound crazy to you, if you are so indoctrinated that you can’t
even imagine a world without ownership, then don’t bother responding,
you are too far gone, enjoy your life of accumulation and mass
consumption; I only want to engage those who can see beyond the cage of
economics and ownership.