Another question. How do you oppose feminism without being misogynistic or sexist?

By being true you my convictions.

I would support Feminism if it was truly about ending misogyny and sexism; but from my study and observations, that is not the true goal of Feminism.  Based on my study and observations Feminism supports misogyny and sexism for the masses of oppressed women in the world; they only Feminism supports and benefits are Middle-Class and Wealthy women who embrace and dwell fully within Western Culture and they Systems of White Domination. 

These women don’t even oppose misogyny and sexism when they elevate within Western Culture; they are just as avaricious as the male CEOs, just as corrupt and warlike as the male politicians, just as racist as the male cops, and just as imperial as male soldiers. 

I will be the first to admit that the Feminist Movement has some wonderful ideas, and even better stated objectives, but we can live on stated ideas and objectives, they must manifest, or be seen as false  covering for a more insidious agenda.

Just like American Democracy, Fair Competition in Capitalism, the Equality Secured by the Civil Rights Movement, the Piety in Christianity, the Peace in Islam, and the National Unity of Fascism; we have to look at the outcomes of a movement or ideology, not simply its stated goals. 

Just about every ideology has great rhetoric and wonderful mission statements, but the proof is in the pudding, the tree is judged by its fruit, and all that, ya know?

Obama is a Feminist as he drops million dollar bombs on poor mothers and their malnourished children, Michelle Obama is a Feminist as she sit on the boards of corporations that exploit the labor of poor women, Hilliary Clinton is a Feminist as she travels the world imposing imperialist policies that harm women more than any other demographic, Indra Nooyi (CEO of PepsiCo) has greatly benefited from the feminist movement as she sells products that destroy the health and well-being of women; and so on. 

That’s what you get from Feminism.

I know all feminist ain’t down with this, but that’s there movement, for better or worst, they all in.  I would be a Capitalist, tell the world I’m a Capitalist, then try to explain how I’m a good Capitalist or a Real Capitalist, or a Black Capitalist; and those evil Capitalist are not.  That’s waste of energy, just don’t call yourself a Capitalist; by the time you gotta do all that explaining and differentiating, it’s time for a new nomenclature, but that’s me.

That fact that people conclude that if your are anti-Feminism, then you are anti-Woman, then that’s just a testament to the Propaganda of Feminism, not confirmation that the Feminist Movement support Women, esp. Black women.  Such Feminist are as ridiculous as those who say that if you oppose America then you hate freedom.

I’m anti-Femihism, I’m pro-Woman, pro-Justice, anti-Sexism, anti-Misogyny, and anti-uncritically following or supporting a movement just because I agree with its stated (but false) mission. 

But that’s me.


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