Animal Rights & POC Oppression….

Black people, please don’t roll your eyes, dismiss, or criticize White people when they express love for their animals, and their fervent support for Animal Rights, please.

I know how ridiculous it is for us to see them rescuing dogs from the floods during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, or to see them open pet hospital emergency rooms as they close trauma centers in the Hood, or when they set up a fund to rescue stray dogs and cats in Iraq and Afghanistan, or when they run into dairy farms and cattle yards to “liberate” cattle from the “prison” of the farming industry…., I know, I know, I know…. but we gotta be patient.

You see how in Western Science they use animals to experiment on when they have a new product, or a new technique before they move on to human testing?

Well, humane co-existence is new to Western Culture, so maybe they have to experiment with being civil, humane, peaceful, and non-exploitative on animals before they move on to Human Subjects. Right?

So when your White Liberal friend tells you how much they hate Michael Vick for killing dogs, but they support the American Troops for defending “our freedom,” don’t cuss them out.

When White animal rights organizations have people lay down on train tracks to stop corporations from getting cows to the slaughter house, but they allowed a prison bus full of Black children to merge in front of them on the highway while they were on their way to the cattle protest, just nod your head in compassionate understanding.

When they are done practicing on the animals, they’ll move on to humans, they always do.