Could you explain in detail the problem with Black Greek organizations? For some reason they just don’t sit right with me. I somewhat liken them to bougie organizations like Jack and Jill, but I’d definitely love your opinions on the issue. Thank you!

White people organized Greek Letter Organizations (GLOs) in their institutions of higher learning in order to pay homage to what they (falsely) believed to be the foundations of human culture, civilization, liberalism, philosophy, science, and all the other wonders of human development. 

When Black people first were allowed to enter instituions of highter learing, as students (we were already in the schools as the builders, grounds keepers, slaves, sexual objects, oh and as subjects of horrendous experimentation), but when we were allowed to enter them as students, we had been denied our history for many generations, so those first Blacks (who were often biracial, but they called them mulattoes back then) readily accepted the GLOs as they did all other aspects of college life.  The wanted to assimilate to prove to our oppressor that were were more than 3/5 human.

Of course those GLOs rejected Black admission to both their fraternities and sororities, even more strongly than they rejected Black admission to the colleges and universities in general; thus we have the formation of Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs).

The BGLOs adopted all of the ideology and degeneracy of the real GLOs they were rejected from. 

We should be (in my opinion) sympathetic to our ancestors who formed those early BGLOs, I think, because most of them didn’t have access to the history and research that we do today, they were denied information about the true origins of human civilization, they didn’t know about the great African Empires, or the massive Universities that spread across the African continent before Europeans even emerged from the Stone Age.  It’s understandable how they could think that the Greeks and Romans were the foundation of civilization and modern academics and scholarship, totally understandable.

What I don’t understand is how those BGLOs still survive to this day.  They say it’s tradition, but so was whipping, raping, and eating pig entrails in this nation, just because something happened in the past don’t make it a tradition, not when it’s false or degrading.

I tried to orgnize a Khemetic “Fraternity” with one other student during my early college years and were shut down by the BGLOs, they got to us before the White folks even know what we were up to on campus.  SMH.

I don’t think there is a rational excuse for Black people who enter college to accept the myth of Western Origins of Civilization, which is the main purpose for the existence of GLOs in institutions of higher learning.

Da Ghetto Tymz’s publisher has extensive writing and insights on this issue, you should check him out.  He has real inside experience. 

One more thing, it’s not just the Elite Negros in BGLOs and Jack&Jill who have a toxic infatuation with mimicking the oppressor, it saturates the entire Black community.  African Self-Rejection is a problem at all levels in the community.  Hell they still wear them damn powdered white wigs in many African courts, just Google: Africans Powdered Wigs.  The Mentacide runs real deep, and we all need healing on some level.