Make Love & Revolution.

Just imagine if we focused as hard on the level of Competency, Effectiveness, and Accountability of Leading Blacks as we put into who they were having sex with.

We don’t need saints, holy men, or eunuchs to lead us, we need competent statesmen, bureaucrats, and organizers above all else!

If a leader is selling themselves based on their personal righteousness or holiness, instead of the viability of their agendas and plans, and the proper execution of their agendas, DON’T JOIN THEM.

All of this anti-Sex shit is really rooted in Misogyny, and the Puritanical concept that Sex and the Female form is sinful and corrupting of men.

We shouldn’t be proud that a Leading Black is brought down by, or shamed because they were having sex with a “conscious stripper” after they announced that they were celibate. That’s really a testament to our political immaturity.

Leading Blacks should be brought down through critical evaluations of their works and track records!

If we did this many of these Leading Blacks would have been removed from power, or driven into obscurity long before details about their bedroom antics become public.

Malcom X said we gotta leave our “religion in the closet” when it comes time to do the work of the People, I think we need to also leave the Sex in the Bedroom (or on the kitchen counter, or on the park bench, or in the home dungeon, or what ever you into) when it comes time to evaluating the worthiness or lack there of, of a Leading Black……as long as their sex is consensual that is (which is redundant cuz consensual sex is the only sex, everything else is Rape).

(I know this is kinda an old issue, but it’s still an issue, the stripper issue is the least problematic thing with Dr. Umar, but it keeps popping up; if that’s your only issue with him, you should still follow him in my opinion. Also, there’s a strong and emerging Puritanical Strand in the Black Cultural Community, which is as crazy as it is contradictory.)

Note: To all you cats striving to be Leading Blacks, I advise yall to cuss, spit, and profess your love for sex; then lay out your programs and your plan of action. Don’t pretend to be a savior, just demonstrate your competence and commitment to the struggle.

The people who get hung up on irrelevant shit will not be disciplined enough to adhere to your agenda anyway. Obama wrote a book about his coke snorting before he ran for POTUS just so that they couldn’t use that kinda shit against him, HillBillary Clinton tried to cover his shit and was impeached for it. LOL! IJS.)

Like Eyon, says; “if you ain’t have a lot of good sex, I ain’t following you, you can’t be my leader.”

“I’m gonna laugh, love, fuck, and drink liquor, and help the Revolution come quicker.” – The Coup (

We gotta grow up.

Oh, oh, and I must say; shout out to all Conscious Strippers.



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