Flase Freedom & the Happy Slave.

I originally wrote this for a New Negro who came to me to express that he is free, that he loves American, and the absurdity of my efforts to educate Africans for the need for Revolutionary Pan-Africanism.

This is my response to him (reworded to address “free” New Negros in general).:

(Before you tell me that here are no more Slaves in the US you need to) read the Constitution of this nation you love so much There are millions of Slaves in the US. (See: 13th Amendment.)

I’m not too mad at you tho, there were folks like you around in Harriet Tubman’s era too, that why she said, “…I could have freed many more if they only knew they were slaves.”

Also, B. F. Skinner has you pegged because he said; “There is no better way to enslave a man but to allow him to think he’s free.”

So you go on with your freedom, enjoy it, but you bet not get too sick, fall behind on some (credit card) payments, get caught in the wrong White neighborhood, make White folks too nervous in any of the Stand You Ground States (or any state), miss too many mortgage payments, fall behind on your taxes, use the wrong key words in your Goggle search, or violate any of the millions of laws, policies, or unspoken Race Codes in this Free Nation or you’ll be legally enslaved in jail or in sent to an early grave.

So go on and enjoy your freedom, you Goddamn Happy Slave!