Lame Duck: Obama, the TPP & Fast Track Trade Authority


Obama didn’t get Fast Track Trade Authority for his TPP negotiations. LoL.

Not only does this sully his overall political legacy, which is
mediocre at best, it also fully solidifies his Lame Duck status.

Also, losing Fast Track for the TPP means Obama has lost favor with
both the Democratic Party establishment and the mainstream Liberal
Whites.  Damn!

The Black Far Left never support Obama, he lost
the rest of the Black Left before the end of his first term.  The White
Far Left follow the Black Far Left in dumping Obama early on and the
center White Left dumped him after he sold out the Occupy Movement.  Now
that he’s lost mainstream White Liberals and rank and file White
Democrats, all he has left are the delusional, and apolitical Black
masses, which is the weakest political constituency in US electoral

Don’t fret for Obama tho, he loyally did the bidding
of the Imperial Elites, the Corporate Elite, and the Zionist, so he’ll
be straight as far as money, and once the Negro establishment and the
corporate media are done distorting the history and impacts of his
policies he’ll will worm his way back into the hearts of the mainstream
liberal a few years after he leaves office.