What are your thoughts on the white working class? I know you expose the white elite for the evil that they are. But let’s keep it real. It’s mostly white poor and working class that lynched black folk mutilated their bodies in the streets and are psychotically trolling black people on the internet. I seriously think we shouldn’t ally with whites and that they should be ignored and aggressively kept out, even these so-called “allies”

The White masses are the most heavily indoctrinated demographic in the United States and across the globe.  Just attempt to have a discussion with an Average American; you’ll find that everything they believe they know is based on a lie; from their understanding of the Founding Fathers and the establishment of the Constitutions, to how Whites came to be so wealthy and how the US came to be such a rich and powerful nation; they don’t even know shit about their two most sacred institutions: Christianity and Capitalism. 

They are ignorant about everything.  You have to find some White Anarchist living off grid in the Montana wilderness if you want to talk to a White person who really knows WTF is going on; or a Revolutionary Communist dwelling in a White Slum in central Europe.  Whites who know and articulate unpopular political truths are most often relegated to the fringes of their Race and Societies…..,(just like us Blacks who do the same, I’m sorry to admit).

You are correct that the White working class and poor were the most vicious Racist, they did the dirty work for the Elites, and got great pleasure in doing so; but we should not take it too personal.  Whites were lynching, discriminating, and exploiting each other before our ancestors discovered them and tried to civilize them. 

Just look at the history, they don’t even try to hide it; in fact they fetishize their brutality towards each other; they have torture porn, they have museums dedicated to the many torture devices and methods they used on each other. From the many Inquisitions to WWI and WWII; they have embarked on orgies of mass murder of each other as enthusiastically has they lynched our ancestors or shoot our children down today.

My point it, the problem ain’t us being Black, it’s them being White; what they did to Africans, Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Inuits, Aboriginals etc; they did to themselves.  Whites perfected their warfare, colonization, enslavement, and torture on each other before they subject us to it.

This is all something that Western Culture and its adherents have to come to terms with, we only have to deal with our vulnerability to White Aggression, but we are not obligated to heal them, that’s their burden to carry.  The problem is that they, as a collective refuse to study or truly address this, but there are White individuals like Derrick Jensen and Michale Bradely who expose and attempt to address the “European Death Urge.”  Even Freud tried to psychoanalyze his people’s Death Urge. 

As for Blacks, we are also forbidden to address this Death Urge because we are economical and social dependent on Whites, so we can’t do or say shit that hurts their collective egos and self-image or we lose jobs, we’re denied degrees, or subjected to some other penalty above and beyond what the Black masses suffer. 

As far as allegiances; we do have White allies, most of whom we don’t know of.  These are the Whites who are struggling to dismantle the Systems and Institution of White Domination and Capitalism; they are all over the globe, and they are active and mobilized.  These Whites are allies of Humanity. 

We don’t really understand that; I just had a long back and forth with some Blacks who think a White ally is one who comes into our community and leads us in marches, or tell us how to non-violently respond to White aggression; but those are White Handlers (of Black the Masses), not White Allies (of the Black Liberation Struggle). 

True White Allies know that the problem is not in the Black community or among Blacks but in the White Power Structure, they know that they have access to the WPS, and they target the WPS without risking the lives of, or even bothering non-Whites. 

There are elements of the struggle that have to be exclusively Black, there are other aspects of the struggle that demand that we reach out to any and all, Natives, Asians, and even Whites. 

These are called Vertical and Horizontal issues.  Vertical Issues are Black exclusive, Horizontal Issues are those that touch all. Dr. Claud Anderson instructs us to only deal with Vertical Issue, but I don’t agree.

We have to also deal with Animal Rights, Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Local and Regional Policies and Politics, etc; which impact all people, and must be addressed by all of humanity. 

Even Garvey sat with the leaders of the KKK in his era do negotiate and determine where their interest overlapped; even the US was willing to break bread with the USSR during the height of the Cold War to advance their common interest.

The problem is, most Blacks don’t understand the difference between formal and informal cooperation and allegiances and integration/assimilation.  We find common ground with Whites and we think we’ve reach the Promised Land, and totally abandon our exclusively Black agendas and interest.

We have to do more work with our people in order to engage in productive alliances that don’t undermine our Vertical Issues and Interest.  So, we should refrain from any outside alliances until we have internal understandings on how best to do so, and we know when we need to break alliances.  But that’s a whole nutha discussion.