“If We Would Wake Up & Unite, The Police Department Would Lose the Fight.” – KRSONE

The weakest fighting force is one populated by the Mercenary. Mercenaries don’t fight for their community, for greater ideas or justice, they don’t fight for their own security, they fight for money and to satisfy particular psychological drives to harm and rule over others. They fight for the most base reasons, and that’s why they are so weak.

Occupying police forces, those that are not based in or invested in the communities they police are very weak; the White Racist, and the Black Self-Rejecting Cops in our community are weak and exposed.

We could end their atrocities, overnight if the Black community only displayed a low level of unity and organization. Whenever the slightest amount of collective resistance is mobilized against the local police forces they turn tail and run; then the Governor has to send in the National Guard and Military so save the cops.

If we simply take the energy and resentment that fuels mass rebellions/riots, and organized it into a systematic and ongoing response the police would call us to the negotiation table, they’d ask us to construct policies for policing our own community, the would serve up the offending cops to save the rest of the cops, they would leave us the fuck alone and respect our Human Rights.

So we need to build internal organization and power and stop asking the Wolf to more humanly police the Sheep.

Organization is not easy to build, and Power will require us to surrender some of our individual resources and autonomy, but the pay off is much grater than what we lose in being dis-unified and depending on State Power to serve us.

There is rampant crime in Jewish Communities, Asian Communities, the larger White Community; more crime, more obscene crimes, way more drug abuse in their communities than in the Black community but they don’t suffer from homicidal and overly aggressive policing like we do because they are organized and they hold regional if not national power. If you doubt me just review the recent Bundy standoff.

We need to pull back on the DEMOS, TESTS, and ACTS; we need to work towards real power and build a real defense apparatus for our community.