The Pedophiles Make Their Play…

The Pedophiles in this society have done as many observant people predicted and piggy-backed on the success of the Gay Rights Movement and are trying to bring their behaviors and preferences to the mainstream of the society.

The pedophiles are at the stage where they are attempting to “open a dialogue” about the issue of Adult-Child Sex. They are attempting to assert that pedophiles are not crazy, sick, or even criminals; but merely people who have a sexual preference, an inborn sexual preference, that their sexual preference is illegal by law but not inherently wrong.

They are arguing that “non-offending pedophiles,” which are pedophiles who have a desires to have sex with children, but resist the urge because it is illegal, should be allowed to express their sexuality openly and be legally protected as long as they don’t break any laws…while they work to change the laws. No joke, they are saying pedophiles are little different than people who like to drive a little over the posted speed limit, or smoke weed; that they are mostly harmless even though their behaviors are illegal.

The pedophiles are doing the same with the Gay Rights Movement that the Gay Rights Movement did with the Civil Rights Movement, or the (White) Women’s liberation movement did with the Black Liberation Movement; it is appropriating not only the strategies and tactics, but it is coat-tailing it and grafting the rationalizations, justifications, and methodology of the Gay Rights Struggle.

If you don’t believe me, simply watch the documentary Are All Men Pedophiles? It will confirm everything that I’m stating here and more. It is textbook propaganda, pro-pedophilia propaganda; not only that, this docu film has mainstream distribution, it has won several awards from reputable organizations, and it’s full of mainstream scientist and professionals offering varying degrees of justification and support to pedophilia and pedophiles.

I watched the fucking film on Netflix!

I often read text by Racist, Fascist, and Capitalist; I watch Western Propaganda, and all kinds of shit because I am a researcher, political scientist, and a student of history and public policy; I can’t just consume media that I agree with or that supports my views. You gotta study the enemy, intensely; but this shit blew me away. It’s not graphic, but it is a masterpiece in the realm of propaganda; which makes it a dangerous and effective tool for the pedophiles.

I only encourage you to watch it if this is an area you seek to take action and you need the ammunition that comes with understanding; otherwise don’t subject yourself to it.

I watch the film weeks ago and didn’t want to even comment on it because I figured that my people, African people as a whole were already firmly against pedophilia and pedophiles; that we didn’t really need to be informed about how wrong it is, or encouraged to fight against it whenever it surfaces in our community on in any spaces we dwell, but of course the fucking New Negros have proved me wrong!

I spent the day reading post form people who are upset that I called out R.(apist) Kelly & Michael Jackson for the pedophiles that they are.

Once again I’m shocked by the New Negros and their reasoning; I can’t believe the NNs have managed to surprise me yet again. Just as I begin to think that they can’t stoop any lower, they prove me wrong as hell!

Based on what I’ve been reading from these NNs, I see that a significant portion of NNs are ripe to support the “Pedophile Rights Movement,” I thought this is where they’d draw the line with their beloved Masters, but I no longer think so. If you could just read some of the shit they were saying to support MJ and R.(apist) Kelly. SMH.

So, this is yet another issue we have to understand and address; and yet another issue the New Negros will take the side of our enemies on.

I swear, in our lifetimes these New Negros will be standing with a segment of the White population calling us Pedophobic; mark my words. These New Negros will serve our children up as quickly as they will serve us up; especially if the victimizer can sing and dance really well.

We need Revolution right now, today, we gotta stop fucking playing around.

(Note: I’m not fucking interested in debating with those who have poor reading comprehension skills, who will inevitably say that I’m calling all Gays pedophiles, or that I’m saying that Gays are in league with the Pedophiles, anymore than I want to debate you Integrationist who want to argue that the Civil Rights Movement has not connection to the Gay Rights Movement, if you can’t understand the points I’m making and stay on the issue, then STFU and keep reading until you do understand.)