On the “Blacks Sold Each Other…” Retort.

Arab/Asian/Europeans invaders reach Africa’s shores and embarked on a
genocidal orgy of colonization and enslavement there were only three
basic options for Africans:

1. Cooperation (Treason)
2. Submission
3. Resistance

These same three options still remain today, because Africa and the
African Diaspora are still subject to the oppression and atrocities of
those who invaded our lands and enslaved and colonized our ancestors.  
We are still enslaved, colonized, and oppressed; right now, today, even
those of us who live enjoy all of the comforts that this Omnicdal System
has to offer.  

What I find so fucking…(I didn’t want to
type “fucking,” cuz maybe such a word would distract from my point, but
dammit, you gotta use obscene words to describe obscene situation, so
Imma say “fucking,”)…; what I find so FUCKING ironic is that those who
choose the “Cooperation” options today always point out those who
“Cooperated” in the past to justify their “Cooperation” today, but they
fail to make any connection to their own “Cooperation” today.

This is what I mean:

You have treasonous New Negros who, as a reflex, spout “Blacks sold
each other into slavery!” whenever they encounter anyone addressing the
crimes and atrocities committed against the Global African Population.  

I swear, you can have a New Negros who knows nothing of African
History, who’s never read a history book about Africa, who’s never given
any real thought to African History, who’s actively rejected any
information about African History all of their lives; but these
muthafuckas know that “Africans sold each other into Slaver,” if they
don’t know anything else about African History and the Maafa.  

Why is that one historical fact so well know by people who are
otherwise ignorant of African History?  You ever wonder about that?  You
ever ask a New Negro who loves to announce that “Africans sold each
other into Slaver,” about any other historical facts related to the
Maafa, or African History in general?  You ever ask them about other
treasonous historical acts, like Jew cooperating with Nazis, or Irish
cooperating with the British, or Native Americans cooperating with the
Europeans, or the Chinese cooperating with the Japanese invaders?  They
don’t know shit else about historical treason, all they know is
“Africans sold each other into Slavery,” and they repeat this shit at
every opportunity.  They repeat this to deflate any calls for justice
and unity among Blacks today.  

These same New Negros say that
the past don’t matter, that we shouldn’t be stuck in the past, but this
particular occurrence, of “Africans selling other Africans” is very
relevant to them.  You ever wonder about that?

The reality is,
the Blacks who bring up the traitors of the past are most often the
traitors of today, they instinctively identify and have a connection to
the traitors of the past and that’s why they evoke their memories and

We who reflect on and advance resistance are evoking
our Ancestors, the Africans we relate to historically, and so are the
New Negros; this is an African characteristic we still have with us;
ancestral connections and evocations.

So the next time you have
a muthafuckin New Negros popping that “we sold each other” shit all
outta context, just know, the are Self Exposing themselves as
descendants of traitors, and they are carrying on the legacy and duties
of Black, punk-ass, cowardly traitors.  

Just follow the New Negro Self Exposure Protocol (Expose. Isolate. Expel.) and move on.