Are the elites also responsible for illegal organ harvesting in the third world ?

Yes.  They are the only ones with the resources, infrastructure, power, and the psychopathology to carry out such an enterprise. 

They are also behind the child prostitute and child pornography production and trade, the illegal drug trade, the illegal weapons trade, the illegal dumping of toxic and radioactive waste across the globe, global currency manipulation, the illegal development and distribution of biochemical weapons, election rigging, assassinations, manufactured political and social instability, genocide, the modern slave trade, ecocide, etc., etc., etc.

If there’s money to be made, not matter how damaging, corrupt, or evil the act is, the Elites are behind that shit, all of it.  Profits are tied to Atrocity, all profit in this economic system.

“Real gangsters don’t real sneakers.”
– Del Jones