I was 12 when I was baptized, in that same year I realized that God
was not Love, that he didn’t love everyone, and that Jesus didn’t come
to bring the Gospel to all people; I knew this even when I still held
Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and my only hope of spending
eternity with God in heaven.

How do you reach the age of
adulthood, even if you still a believer, and you still have a childish
image of God and lack any understanding of his Doctrine?  How do you do

Especially Christians, who
are supposed to read the Bible, study the Bible daily; how do you
sustain a belief that “God is Love,” or that God commands you to Love
all others?

I mean, I
expect that from little Christian children, but by the time you are 8-12
years old and can read for yourself, how do you remain so ignorant of
your own belief system?

To me, when I hear a Christian talk about
God being Love, it sounds like a grown ass person asserting that Santa
Claus is real, seriously, it’s akin to self imposed brain damage.  

You Christians need to stop lying on your God, I’m sure he don’t like
this punkified, soft, non-homicidal image yall be promoting about him.

Learn and tell the truth about your God, I’m sick of correcting Black Christians about their own shit.

Just watch White Evangelicals, they will tell you what your God is
really about; he’s all about Power, Conquest, Mass Murder, and Hatred of
all those who reject HIM.

If you ain’t down with that, then get out of that Male Chauvinist Murder Cult called Christianity.