Often times vegans neglect the reality of those living in poverty. The vegan lifestyle is a luxury. But if you feel it is possible to sustain a vegan lifestyle off of SNAPs benefits (aka foodstamps) and maybe a spare $40, then please offer insight?

I started a vegan diet while I was a poor kid, on foodstamps, living in the projects, where there were no local grocery stores, let alone health food stores. The nearest grocery store was several miles away and my family didn’t own a car.

A vegan diet is only a luxury if you are caught up on the many absurd and snobby trends that emerge in the vegan community.  If you are piratical then a vegan diet is more affordable than the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

I’m still poor BTW.  I have lived in poverty all my life, but I don’t have a poor quality life or diet. 

My family clips coupons, we grow organic food in a local community garden in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  We are frugal in all other aspects of our life, we have cheap phones, we take care of our shit and make it last, from clothing to electronics.  We scavenge for items that we need before we go to buy shit, like furniture.  We always buy out of season; that means we get our winter shit for next year in the late winter or early spring when they shit sales for up to 70% off.  We just live as frugal and ecological as possible.  You’d be surprised the kinda shit you come up with when you put your mind to it.   

I was a member of a food cooperative for many years, we now have a wholesale membership to Costco which has an abundance of organic, vegan options; and the membership fees will not compare to the money you save there, so it’s well worth the investment. Also, build your community and begin to engage in cooperative economics, that’s the best way to both secure extra income and raise up outta poverty.  

I ain’t saying it’s easy, it’s a struggle, but it is a worthwhile and rewarding struggle.

Just Google “Poor Vegan,” and hundred of affordable food options will pop up. It’s a good start until you develop you own cost cutting measures.