Free Our Freedom Fighters Obama!

Obama is in a position to free all political prisoners (and drug offenders are political prisoners).

He could allow Assata Shakur, Pete O’Neil, Edward Snowden and many others return to the US with full pardons.

Sundiata Acoli, Mumia Abu Jamal, Lenoard Peletier, Chelsea Manning, Sean Swain, and all the rest can walk free today.

He can move those exonerations and make them full pardons as well.

There can literally be no political consequences at this point, not for him, Heelary, or the Democratic Party.

All Obama has to do is sit a his desk and sign the pardons, that’s it; it’s within his right as POTUS!

If Obama fails we better hold him to account; we better employ the #NNESP.

Obama has never made good on his obligations to Black people, he has never reward our loyalty and dedication to his administration. This is his final opportunity to offer up something of real substance for the Black community and the progressives who put him in the White House and ignored his consistent neglect of our community and our political interest.

We have the rest of this year to push Obama so do it.

(Side note: Obama has pardoned 8 turkeys already, yet none of the incarcerated Panthers have been pardoned! Are our heroes and freedom fighters worth more than turkeys? Seriously.)