How do black people learn to love each other under white structural oppression ?

I understand that white structures of domination are the ecosystem that we thrive in and your points that until this ecosystem is destroyed that there’s no opportunity for black happiness black independence black efficacy and agency . However I do believe in the power of love as A transforming force of nature and humanity . What are your thoughts on how we can help black people to learn to love themselves as individuals and each other as part of the same family tree regardless of nationality gender religion or sexuality ? It is my fear that even if we found a way to destroy depression and structures of domination that you speak so eloquently about if we don’t turn our hearts in the direction of peace harmony and self-care then what we create will not move beyond the arc of domination

I don’t agree that Love is the issue, I think Self-Perception, Purpose, Kinship, and Eternity are all much more important than Love.  

We have to transform how we see ourselves, how we see all other, how we see and understand the global ecosystems we dwell in, and how we can construct a more viable way of relating to self, others, and the environment.  

I know it’s poetic, inspiring, and warm and fuzzy to inject Love into this, but really “what’s love got to do with it?”  Love is transient, it’s reoccurring, and it’s not stable, love is only functional when it is in proper balance with all other human emotions.  We need Hate, Fear, and even Repulsion to fully utilize and apply Love, Acceptance, and Bravery.  

There is no hierarchy of emotions, we must engage all emotions, we must properly process and apply ALL Emotions, not try to suppress some while trying to make others the ultimate; that’s just another imbalance.  

Love can be as damaging and disruptive to an individual and a People as Hatred.

For example, there are Leaders who have our love and loyalty, or the love and loyalty of thousands if not millions of our people, and they are exploited by those beloved leaders.  

Millions love Obama, and Obama’s election, and the images of his beautiful family inspired self love and pride for millions of Black people across the globe; and all of that Black Love, Black Senses of Accomplishment, Black Pride, and Black Motivation inspired by Obama has been manipulated into further entrenching the Systems of Oppression and drove us further to total global ecosystems collapse.  

So, we need to be as strategic and critical in our application of Love as we are, or as we should be, with our resources and talents.  

In conclusion, I think the best thing we can do for those outside our struggle, who’ve yet to adopt our ideas and agendas of Pan-African Liberation, and ecological, and peaceful coexistence with the natural world and all of it’s inhabitants, is to link with those who are already of like mind; build in your communities, link with others regionally, nationally, and globally and expand your works and oppositions to the Systems and Institutional of White Domination. 

Doing that will awaken and unite more of our people than trying to teach or express Love to them.  That’s “Love in action.”  Give people something (tangible) worth living and dying for, and that will balance them, they will express love for what they should and hatred when appropriate.  They will be Peaceful when they should be, and violent when they need to be.  

Our people, for generations have had leaders/activist coming to them with these Ethereal Ideas, Concepts, and Ideologies; it’s too late in the day for that, we gotta get grounded, and begin the pragmatic work of Revolution which will require us to Hate as hard as we Love, and there’s no use in sugar coating that for our people.

“A people without hate cannot triumph against the adversary.” – Che Guevara