Black nationalist are the dumbest of the dumb. They think they are so smart & awake to the ways of the world, but really you are just losers fighting a “war” that yours lost a long ass time ago. A “nationalist” living outside of Africa, and speaking the King’s English? What a laugh. Whitey will never see you as a threat. You are just a fly that won’t stop buzzing about aimlessly. Fly’s get squatted cuz they are annoying not dangerous. P.S. Look at what China is doing to Africa. You can’t win.

I’m wouldn’t define myself as a Black Nationalist, but a Pan-Africanist, but let’s run with your tirade anyway.

As far as the intelligence of Black Nationalist, I think it runs the full gambit from highly intelligent to dumb, just as all other ideologies and movements.

As far as the “war” bring lost a long time ago, you wouldn’t be sending this message if the war was won a long time ago, you wouldn’t be trolling the internet attacking defeated enemies unless of course you are one of the “dumbest of the dumb,” in your particular racist ideology or movement.  In fact your post is saturated with hostility, a hostility bred by fear and awareness of an active enemy, then you post your statement anonymously; why, what are you afraid of, a defeated movement that lost the “war” a long time ago?

Me speaking the “King’s English,” is nothing for me to be ashamed of, it’s evidence of the cancerous and parasitic nature of Western Culture and History, which, in its short history has committed genocide, colonization, and  countless other atrocities on every populated landmass on this planet.  So we find people all over the world speaking the language to the colonizers, but the shame is on the invaders, the colonizers, not on its victims.  So yes my mother tongue was stolen from me long before I was born, but I feel no shame about that; especially since Africans in the West took this primitive, and violent language and made it our own, we’ve humanized Western Culture (to the extent that it could be), and took it’s instruments and words and created art and forms of expression that the entire world consumes and seeks to mimic.  Has the West ever accomplished such a feat with a non-European language and instruments?  Even under oppressive conditions we shine like our oppressors never can.

Also, I’m sure you don’t even speak the “King’s English,” the English spoken here is barely understood by the rest of the English speaking population in the world, also, it’s “contaminated” with so many words from African, Native, and Asian languages that it can hardly be argued to be the King’s English at all.  Also, languages are biological, they evolve and take on the character and culture of the Speaker, so Black English is a Black language  spoken by our people in the US as much as Afrikaans is a White language spoken by Whites in South Africa.

If you doubt that Whitey has ever seen Black Nationalism as a threat, simply review the history, form the first Slave Revolts to today, Whites have lived in unrelenting fear that justice will come to them.  They have invested trillions of dollars in surveillance, bribery, subversion, infiltration, assassinations, etc., to suppress the inevitable course of history.  Jay Edgar Hoover committed his entire perverted life to the suppression of Black people and still saw us make unprecedented progress within his own lifespan. 

You don’t put up trillions of dollars in resources and commit your best (and by ‘best,’ I mean most evil) minds into swatting annoyances.  Not even the Omnicidal Leaders, Systems, and Institutions of White Domination are that stupid

Also, if you study history, the strides Black people have made from Chattel Enslavement to now have never been matched in history.  What took the Irish over 800 years to do (throw the British Colonizers off their back), took Africa less than 100 years, from the time of full colonization to decolonization, and their neo-colonial efforts are eroding even faster. 

Also, find another people who went from human chattel, to state sanctioned discrimination, to citizenship in the amount of time Africans in the US did.  The Serfs of Europe took over 1,000 years to pull that off, and the Roma and other ethnic groups in Europe are still struggling to get to were we are, even though we are still at a relatively low point.  Oh,and we did it as a national minority,  when the Serfs were the continental majority. 

So, if we follow the time-line of history and project forward, Africans will be free and returned to our station of Global Power and Freedom sooner than you think.  That is of course if White People and their sick culture dosen’t totally destroy the life sustaining capacity of this planet first; which is why the Revolutionary Black Nationalist seek to expedite the natural flow of history, because humanity ain’t got time for Whites to naturally fall from power as they inevitability would, they must be given a strong push to go over the cliff that they are already heading over to prevent them from taking the rest of us, all complex lifeforms and ecosystems with them.

Finally, China made a grave mistake following the West towards Ecological Suicide,  they are scrambling for African because, like Europeans before them, they have destroyed their own land base, but their ventures will be even shorter lived than Western European invasions and resource grabs; but I know you haven’t comprehended most of what I typed here, so I will not burden you with my analysis of China’s rapid rise and even more rapid ecological and economic collapse.  There is a segment of the Chinese people who are wising up and pushing their nation to abandon their Western ways, and their voice is getting stronger every year, just look at all this internal uprisings the Chinese government is having to suppress every few months.  So, I wouldn’t bet on China replacing the West as the Global Super Power, that era is over forever, when the West falls this time, it will not be replaced.

So please, keep voting Republican, eating large amounts of American beef, drinking American beer, cleaning your big black pistols in masturbatory ecstasy (see: Dr. Francis Cress Welsing), watching jingoistic sports and pro-wrestling, watching Fox News, driving around those cultural wastelands yall like to live in, and posting racist shit anonymous on the internet to help dissipate the White male anxiety you know you feel because you don’t even fully believe what you’ve been taught your whole life about White Superiority. 

Oh, and thanks for exposing your toxic views and uninformed opinions which give me yet another oppertunity to offer to insights and clarifications while waking even more people up to the fact that there are still insecure White males out here trying to hold the the Glory of their degenerate ancestors. ( #RSEP: Racist Self Exposure Protocol.)

<Note: This could also be a New Negro posting this, in that case, please share this response to all the White people you hang out with.>