why do black people suffer from historical analysis and cultural consciousness? the only reason why i asked is because i think of the time during segregation where there was a black infrastructure. integration came and then it vanished, why couldn’t we just take it or leave it?

I’m assuming you are asking why we suffer from a lack of historical analysis and cultural consciousness.

The truth is, Black people have a depth of analysis and consciousness that ebbs and flows but has been relatively consistently accurate and well articulated.  

Black scholars and social scientist from W.E.B. Dubois, up to Manning Marable and Del Jones have been giving us astute historical, political, and cultural analysis.  Also, Black people are synonymous with culture; we are not only conscious of culture, we invent culture that the whole world consumes; also, you culture endured slavery, genocide, and ongoing oppression, conditions that drove other Races and cultures into extinction.  

So, we got analysis, we got cultural consciousness.  What we lack is a Revolutionary agenda.  

The problem is that we too often fail to Radicalize that analysis and consciousness and it is wasted on integrationist movements and reformist agendas.

We use our analysis and culture to “improve” America, to help America to “live up to the content of its creed.”  We use our culture for the same purposes. We’ve never used our analysis or culture to dismantle America, to wage war against America, to bring down America, to dismantle Global White Domination and Hegemony; even though the United States of America has consistently waged economic/military/cultural war against its Black subjects.

The reality is, Africans haven never been denied anything we were willing to organize and struggle for, the problem is we always organize and struggle for the wrong shit!

We suffer from rejection of Revolution!  

We squander the abundance of historical analysis and cultural consciousness on working to integrate with White systems in the African Diaspora, and trying to run/manage White systems (aka: Neo-Colonial Systems) on the Continent of Africa.  Misuse, or waste of a thing is not the same as lacking, or the absence; although the outcomes look alike.

So, don’t be discourage, we just have to properly utilize, mobilize, and organize the analysis, consciousness, and our people. 

History demands that we Destroy White Domination and Capitalist, not merge with or master it.

(Seriously, just image if we spent the last half century struggling to dismantle American Capitalism and Imperialism instead of trying to integrate into it, really conciser what the world would look like; then structure your next 50+ years of action and advocacy.)