How do you square being opposed to Western colonialism while still promoting vegetarianism and veganism? After all, no Africans were vegans before whites came to their land, right? The original African societies were based around hunter/gatherer arrangements, shepherding, etc. but never vegetarian or vegan. Do you think the ideal pan-African society would be vegan in the end, or is your veganism only a response to the currently awful agricultural model of today?

LoL!  That first question was funny, as if I need to eat pork in order to oppose Western Colonialism.  SMH.  I know a buncha neckbone eaters who ain’t bout to do shit against White Domination, eating or not eating meat ain’t the yardstick for measuring one’s opposition to Western Colonialism.

I don’t think we can say that there were no African Vegans before Whites came to our lands.  Our evolutionary history, our anatomy, and our physiology is evidence of our herbivorous origins.  Also, we are not bound by what Africans did or didn’t do in the past; Sankofa instructs us to look to the past for guidance in moving forward, not to be bound by what did or didn’t happen in the past.

I do think that the idea Pan-African society should promote, support, and advocate a plant-based diet, but I wouldn’t impose it by force.

My Veganism is in response to the Ecocidal nature of meat and dairy production/consumption, and the horrendous pandemic of chronic disease the Standard American Diet is causing throughout the African Diaspora.

Veganism was a rational and moral path for me and my family; it is also the most viable lifestyle for Blacks in the US.  I would not impose such a move for Africans living outside of the industrial nations; they must eat according what’s best form them and their environments.

We need to dead that bullshit about Veganism, Animal Rights, Environmentalism, and Conservation being White or hippie shit; it ain’t; it’s African to the core.  I’m an African, I’m a Vegan; health, respect for life, respect for the environment, and constructive adaptation and advancement are all African, as African as you can get.