The Dilution of Revolution.

the Garveyites were organizing for Black Nationhood and Mass
Repatriation, the Negros were paid by White Elites to dilute the
movement and reorient Blacks to mobilize for better (White) education
and better treatment within the (White) System. Circa 1900s

the Black Power Movement began to organize for Black Liberation, the
Negros were paid by White Elites to dilute the movement and reorient
Blacks to mobilize for Black Employment and Integration (with Whites).
Circa 1950s & 1960s

Now, after more than a century of the
Negros being inserted into Black Leadership by the White Elites, we
don’t even know how to recognize, or articulate Liberation, we can’t
even conceptualize what Black Power should or could look like, so this
time when we were forced to confront the reality of our Oppression under
White Domination, there wasn’t even a hint of a real Revolutionary
Organization.  The Slaughter of 9 Black people in the their own Church
automatically moved to some “Take Down the Flag” Bullshit! The White
Elites didn’t even have to pay their Negros to reorient of dilute Black
Rage and Mass Organization.

What the fuck does taking down a
flag got to do with Black vulnerability to White Aggression, mass media
demonetization and degradation of the entire African Race across the
globe, or Genocidal policies and enforcement in Black communities and
nations across the globe; what the fuck does some Racist Symbols have to
do with Actual Racism and Global White Domination, how the fuck is the
Confederate Flag any less Racist a symbol than the official flag of the
United States, or the United Kingdom, or the NATO or UN flags, or the
flag of Mexico, or any flag of any colonial nation?

We went
straight to Integrationist Activism, Symbolic Demonstrations,
Reactionary Protest; we are so well indoctrinated that we automatically
engaged in forms of “resistance” that the System is well prepared to
respond to and neutralize.  All we’ve done since Travon and the
following cluster of Racist atrocities is give millions of cops an
opportunity to test their new weapons of mass control and earn billions
of dollars in overtime.

In the past when the Black Community got
up in arms, before the White Elites and their Negros were able to dilute
and reorient our struggle we’d engage in actions that disrupted the US
Stock Market, they hampered US Trade and Treaty Negotiations, we’d
disrupt entire US industries and threaten key infrastructure; we
actually wage war against our enemies, we’d conspire to actually win,
we’d organize on an international level.  If you look at internal
government documents dating back to Garvey and up to the Black Power era
(see: COINTELPRO), you will discover that the US government, its
intelligence agencies, and the US military actually were threatened by
our ancestors; who had less money, less education, and way less
technology than we do.  But now, Blacks are a mere afterthought on the
US political, economic, and social arena; and it’s all because we’ve
followed the Negro’s leadership.

‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, ‪#‎OccupyTheHood‬, ‪#‎BlackIsBeautiful‬, ‪#‎MillionManMarch‬, ‪#‎BlackPride‬, ‪#‎TakeDownTheFlag‬,
etc; all the movements that were mobilized after the CIA and FBI
decapitated the Black Power Movement have been so empty, they have been
at best Political Temper Tantrums, at worst street festivals disguised
as Movements.

The latest “victory” we’ve won in having the
Confederate Flag removed from a state house in some backwards southern
state is proof that we have no vision, no understanding of power or how
to secure it, no desire or stomach for real conflict and independence.

I swear, I’d prefer to see another politically dormant generation like
we had in the 1970s and 1980s, then to participate or watch yet another
generation of Black youth expend their life’s energies on superficial,
bullshit Activism and Movements. I swear.

I get appeals to join
in Activism from the very people I’ve pleaded with to engage in
Institution Building, State Craft, Ethnic Enclave Formation, and other
less glamorous, but more necessary work; and it’s frustrating.  I want
to be with my people, but I can’t join up with bullshit in hopes that it
will become fertilizer for a real Revolution, I’ve tried that tactic
for way too long, and it’s never gon that way, bullshit just keeps
getting buillshitier, it never sprouts anything other than more

If you feel disrespected by my assessment, find,
simply provide and support a counter argument. Explain to me how
Protest, Activism, and Demonstrations have allowed us to progress.  
Hell, tell me what real progress we’ve made, collectively since the UNIA
was as the helm of Black Leadership.  Because, honestly; fuck your
feelings.  I’m put in enough time in this struggle to tell the truth
about it.

Anything less than grounded, pragmatic, and intensive
Revolutionary Pan-African organizing is nothing more than Hamster Wheel
Politics.  If your Activism, Protest, and Demonstrations are not the
surface activities of a much deeper and complex Revolutionary Agenda,
then you are engaged in Political Masturbation; and my Protestant,
Catholic, Islamic upbringing has made me too prudish for public