I always say; I wish these stupid ass Racist like Bill O’Reilly​ were correct in their rantings.  I really do.

Just imagine if Obama as a Socialist Kenyan, just imagine if there was a War on Christmas​ which is nothing but a disgusting consumer orgy anyway, now, just imagine if Shit Hop was truly moving our people away from Christianity, or moving all Americans away from Christianity, which is nothing more than a “Male Chauvinist Murder Cult.”  Just Imagine.  

But as usual, Bill is lying like a piss stained rug in a crack house.

The worse thing about Bill’s lie is that it’s so unoriginal, such a trite and tired lie he’s telling.  Somebody tell Fox News​ and Bill that they have enough money to hire people to invent new Racist lies to tell the #Murican public.

I mean, Racist have been blaming Black people for the moral decay of American since this nation was founded (on Genocide and Slavery).  White preachers were blaming the animal lust of Black women for destroying the morality of Slave owners and provoking the White slave owners to rape enslaved African women.  

White folks been claiming our sounds, songs, and rhythms have been causing them to sway away from theit God for just as long.  Racist said Jazz, Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Folk, Country, and even Punk music (all African/Black music) was causing the moral downfall of America and the West, as if the West and America every had any fucking morality in the first damn place.

Somebody tell Bill that the real God of America is Money, and Hip Hop…, I mean; Shit Hop and Minstrel Music has been making money for White people, so it’s bringing Whites closer to their real Gods.