The Civil Rights Movement and resulting legislation impacted the entire nation, but it was primarily southern based. Northern Blks, though experiencing racism, were not fighting for the right to attend schools, restaurants, etc. with whites, they already were. I think if we used Malcolm X & Dr. King as pivotal examples we would comparable support among Blacks. But Dr King’s support among whites far exceeded that shown toward Blk liberation movements and therein is the difference.

The notion that Racial discrimination was limited to, isolated in, or primarily in the South is a myth, like Malcolm X stated; “if you south of the Canadian border you are South.”  

Read up on Kings reception when he came to Chicago.  He was met with violence that met and often surpassed his experiences in the Deep South.  This is an image of King after being pummeled with stones in Chicago, (the man guarding King with his hand is extended is my wife’s grandfather Mr. Mingo, BTW; if he were still alive he’d tell you about Racism in the North).

Saying that Racism was mainly or just in the South is like saying that Native American Genocide was just in the West; Racism, Oppression, Genocide, and White Domination was and still is a nation wide phenomenon, it goes from coast to coast, from sea to shinning she, from the Canadian to the Mexican borders. 

Northern Blacks were not only segregated, we still are!  Even more so than in the South in many cities.  I’ve lived in the Midwest and the Northeast and I’ve been all through the South and the West Coast and no place did I find less Racism, did I find Blacks not being Oppressed and Exploited.  Some places Blacks were organized to opposed oppression, other places they were in deep denial of the oppression, and other places they had fully submitted to the oppression, but no matter how the Black populations across the US have responded to their oppression, the oppression was there, it was pervasive, and it was blatant to anyone who’s willing to open their eyes and see. 

If we look at King and X we will see that this System will fucking kill you no matter you ideology or tactics for bringing Justice to African people under this System.  They show us that there’s no compromise and no dignified place for Africans within this System.

Whites didn’t support King, they controlled King, they funded King, the monitored King, they never trusted King, and the second King began to get out from under White Liberal influence and money they shot him in his throat.  

It don’t matter if you are a Black Militant Separatist, or a Non-Violent Integrationist, if your means are shown to be effective this System will incarcerate, exile, or kill you; or attempt to do so.  But they don’t always succeed, when they fail in all of that they try to drive you into obscurity, or “suppress your efforts and legacy;” like they do to Robert F. Williams.  Williams was a Black Revolutionary who live a long life, full of love and joy, while fought this system tooth and nail.  But they want us to think the if you live and fight for Liberation and Justice you will die like King and X, so they suppress Williams and many others like him while they fetishize King, and Distort MX. 

So I encourage you to keep up your study and analysis of the history and its long term impacts on today’s struggles, but you need to come up off the two myths you pushing here; which are that Racism and Oppression was not as rampant in the North as in the South, cuz it ain’t, not back then and not now.  Secondly, the notion that Whits supported King beyond their own selfish interest.