What are your thoughts on Black Supremacy?

It’s an absurdity. 

The truly Supreme (if there are such people) wouldn’t have to call it, don’t seek or want the label, they demonstrate who they are by being who they are.

Besides, who the hell we gonna be Supreme to?  Whites, why waste  time on such an effort to be better than them?  Are we supreme to the Whales, to the the birds, to other Blacks who ain’t like us? 

What should our Supremacy afford us, better food, housing, the right to rape those inferior, a right to take their land?  Once we decide we are Supreme or we become Supreme, then what?  What do we do with that?

Racial Supremacy is a sick Western concept that we need not allow to infect us or our movements.

We are about Balance, not Supremacy, about Justice, Liberation, and ending White Domination falsely called Supremacy.