Media, Propaganda, and the Build Up to Genocide.


This is a Nazi movie poster for a film called: The Eternal Jew, it portrayed Jews as dirty, diseased, criminal, slum (ghetto) dwellers. The Nazis understood that they needed to dehumanize and criminalize the entire Jewish population in order to fully enact their genocidal campaign. They turned Jews into the ‘Menace to (German) Society.’ There were even affluent Jews who condemned the poor Jews in the ghetto for not living up to the standards of the German/Nazi culture. At the time just prior to the German Holocaust Jews were fully integrated in German Society, and Germany was culturally and technologically advanced; it simply suffered a military defeat and an economic collapse. Sound familiar?

African people, study Nazi Propaganda directed towards the Jews. Observe how the Jewish population was blamed for Jewish poverty and criminality, after the German government made it impossible for most Jews to make an honest living. Observe how, under oppressive exploitation, many Jewish youth began to form gangs and impose even more misery upon the Jewish community. Read how Hitler followed the genocidal programs perfected by the US, and other Colonial nations of Western Europe.

See how Africans (Blacks) are scapegoated for many of America’s ills. Many say that the economy collapsed in 2008 because the government was forced to give home loans to irresponsible ‘minorities.’ Many assert that we are pushing most of the drugs in the nations. The White majority asserts that hip-hop (Black art) is eroding the moral fiber of this nation. They say we spread A.I.D.S. and burden the healthcare system with our high chronic disease rates. They say we consume all the welfare and food stamps. It has even been said in the main stream media that the crime rates would drop if every Black child was aborted!

The US and all Western capitalist nations have committed genocide against those who lose their economic niche; we lost ours in the early 1970s, around the same time our incarceration rates began to explode.

When I call for African revolution, I’m not fighting for Rights, more Money and Land for our people; I’m organizing for the very survival of African people. We will only continue to exist as a free and liberated people. Oppression is terminal, we can no longer tolerate it.