Do you have Obeah power?

No, but I’ve been targeted by such powers.  When I was younger and less mindful of the feelings of the women in my life; I’ve been threatened to have “roots put pun meh.”  LOL! 

I don’t possess any otherworldly insights or powers; I’ve never claimed to.  My ancestors speak through me in my studies of their writings, and history; as well as any DNA transferred traits or qualities, but there’s no voice in my head besides my own; and the occasional annoying pop song I hear at the gym.

Sorry.  The moment I do discover such powers and insights, I will share that with everyone I can, I got a long list of Oppressive Powers who will be getting “roots put pun dem.” 

I had a really good friend from Guyana who swore he had roots put pun him by a Obeah Oman who’s daughter he had sex with; he swore that all his life he’d get to the top of whatever he’s doing and then fall all the way back down, and that will by the cycle of his life until death.  I suggested that it was all in his head and he wanted to fight me.  He yelled “skunt bwoy, you don know nuttin,” as he raised his fist.

Oh, oh, there was this one time when I went to listen to a lecture by a visiting Jamaican scholar to Prof. William Mackey’s study group; I can’t remember her name (It was back in 2002).  She had such great insights and wisdom.  Someone asked her how did she come to such great wisdom and insights about history and the human conditions and she replied “I speak to duppy.”

Me, being me, I was like damn; she’s a kook; so I decided to try to look into her historical claims and I could find no inaccuracies or inconsistencies; so those duppy who taught her know their shit. 

So, there’s that. 

I’ve got many more stories and experiences; been to many  rituals, shrines,and such; but it was mostly academic and cultural to me, nothing supernatural ever hit me……..yet.