I also forgot to mention that people are fooled by looks. George Lopez, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, etc.. all have an ethnic look but their DNA shows they’re majority white.

Well, Race is not a scientifically validated concept.  It’s not as much about DNA as it is about EYE.

That means, “if you look it, you is it.” 

Don’t get pissed at me, I was born into this shit, I struggle in this shit, but I didn’t make this shit, nor did my ancestors. 

The cops, employers, educators; and other people with power and influence in this system are going to judge you by skin color, hair texture, and other visible features.  It ain’t right, but it is the reality. 

Bobby Wright said once; “line up everybody in this room, and I can tell you who is Black and who ain’t, and if you can pass [for non-Black], then you ain’t Black.” It’s that simple. 

Race a social construct, that don’t mean it ain’t real, that don’t mean it dosen’t dictate your life, the quality and length of your life.  Social Constructs are very real and very powerful. 

Race, Masculinity/Femininity (or more specifically the notion that women are inferior to men), Class are all social constructs without any real scientific basis.

But we have to organized based on these divisions to secure justices.  So, still Race First!; until Africans across the globe are liberated.  Simply calling these Social Constructs out is not enough because there are entire Systems of Oppression based on these Social Constructs that need to be dismantled before we can declare them irrelevant.