Mike Brown’s Family Seeks to Boost the Mass State Surveillance.

The parents of ‪#‎MikeBrown‬ have called for a national mandatory requirement that police officers wear Police Body Cameras to prevent atrocities that have befell their family.

I guess they are not aware that Rodney King’s, Oscar Grant’s, and Eric Garner’s assaults, and murders were all caught fully on camera; along with many other police assaults and murders, and they did little sway the Justice System in the direct of justice.

I guess they are unaware that the Black community has been under constant surveillance since our forced migration and enslavement in this land. They don’t know that in the recent past that we fought to end the blanket surveillance we have been under by the police and other government and public agencies, that the COINTELPRO that brought down King, Malcom X, the BPP, and many other leaders and organizations relied heavily on surveillance of our community by the local police.

I guess they are ignorant of the fact that those in power want the exact same thing they want; that those who empowered Officer Wilson to kill their son, then allowed the media to criminalize their son, then allowed the court system to exonerate his killer want the exact same thing that they want: they want the police to record our every action, to record our every interaction. The same people behind putting red-light cameras all throughout the hood, who put up cameras in all these government buildings are the same ones who want cameras on the chest of all of their officers, they want to put cameras in our cars that watch the drivers, they want to put cameras in our homes to watch us there. They want cameras everywhere….excepted focused on them.

I wonder if Mike Brown’s family at the very least hold stock or are being paid by these multinational corporations that stand to make billions of dollars if their proposed “solution” is implement. I will go on a limb and speculate that no Black owned companies will get the contract to equip, and service the CopCams, no Black owned company will get the contracts to collect, shift through, and store those trillions of bytes of data. It will be another Government Handout to yet another big corporation of our extorted tax dollars.

I mean no disrespect to the Brown family, but if they want to offer solutions for other people’s children and the community as a whole, they should at least educate themselves on some history, and on public policy and outcomes.

Being a victim of State Sanctioned Atrocity dosen’t not qualify you to offer solutions to the community, any more than contracting cancer qualifies you to be an Oncologist.

Some one needs to tell some of these newly appointed Leaders, and Voices of the People to kindly keep their “solutions” to themselves until they get a better understanding and a grasp of the larger issues.

This is no different than the Trayvon Family calling for gun control, while ignoring the long and ongoing effort to disarm the Black community by the state, and to deny law abiding Black community members access to guns at the same time government agencies provide the criminal element in our Hoods with military grade weapons.