AfroSexism & Misogynoir: BLK Ego Defense Mechanisms

When the White/Arab Slave Masters Raped, Brutalized, and Mutilated BLK Women the BLK Man was left with one of two options….
1. Kill that Muthafucka!…(and face a brutal, agonizing death).
2. Deem that “bed wench” unworthy of your protection and support; (and live to work another day).
BLK men evolved over thousands of generations cooperating with, building with, fighting with, and fighting for BLK women; & having that natural and instinctive relationship suddenly and violently ripped apart greatly damaged BLK men (and women) in a way we’ve yet to fully come to terms with.
That damage was exacerbated and further entrenched by being forced into Patriarchal, Sexist Western social structures of Colonized Africa and the Plantations of the New World.
We found ourselves totally removed from African Complementary and Cooperative systems in a social dynamics and forced into Systems where the MAN was the sole Provider, the Protector, the Owner, and the Authority; and BLK men were denied the capacity to provide, to protect, to own resources, or govern society.
We were not just physically castrated, we were….fuck that; we are still economically, culturally, politically, and intellectually castrated.
So, to make a tragic story short: one of the many Ego Defense Mechanisms enslaved and colonized BLK men developed was deeming BLK women unworthy of protection, thus freeing ourselves from the pain of seeing BLK women suffer, and the even greater pain of being unable….., unwilling to end or even oppose her suffering.
This didn’t end with the Plantation, during Jim Crow; BLK women were beat or degraded by their employers and Black men for “provoking the lust” of White men.
This same Ego Defense Mechanism manifest today in so many ways. EX: BLK men accusing BLK women of everything from Genocide (through abortion) to displacing BLK men in jobs and universities.
It’s still, today easier to fight BLK women then to confront WYT Men and their Institutions.
Even as I type this many BLK men minds will be racing back to all of the offenses that BLK women have committed against us, collectively or individually.
Or they will accuse me of “simpping” and “pandering for pussy.”
We are in the year 2018 it’s still easier for BLKs to accuse each other than to confront our true Oppressors. BLK Men and Women are still uncomfortable with blaming and holding Whites to account for their crimes and atrocities.
Although AfroSexism and Misogyny has evolved beyond their plantation and colonial origins, I think it’s very importation to understand their foundations in order to uproot and destroy them for good.