Portland community college started a “white historic project” so as to make white students more sympathetic to other wth is history. Will it succeed? And if so, so you think every school should do this? Racist whites say it’s just white guilt


If Whites didn’t become more sympathetic while committing historical atrocities, why would we imagine that they, as a collective would become more sympathetic reviewing those atrocities?

Also, all of the atrocities, from slavery, to colonization, to genocide, to systematic rape and torture of non-Whites are still going on, and when those atrocities are exposed Whites are not sympathetic.  They either ignore that shit, or find a way to blame the victims of White atrocities. 

Also, there are just some things you can’t teach, they have to be cultivated into a people through their culture; and empathy is not a Western Cultural Trait, esp when it comes to non-Whites, but they even struggle with that when it comes to other Whites. 

This culture has learned to hide or mask it’s Racism, that’s why they are so pissed at Trump for exposing what they have been working to mask since the mid 1960s.  Whites are as Racist today as they were in the 1950s, they are as Racist today as they were in the 1850s, and just like then and now; there are a few William Lloyd Garrisons and John Browns around, but they represent a shunned and isolated minority within the White communities. So a damn community college ain’t about to change shit.

Whites will need more than a few classes to overcome Whiteness.

Also, the emphasis shouldn’t be about making them think or feel better about non-Whites; cuz, fuck their sympathy, real talk.  They can take that shit and shove it.  Give us the shit yall dun stole from us, and keep your fucking sympathy and guilt.

The emphasis should be on Whites saving themselves from the White Elites, who are as big a threat to the White masses as they are to the rest of us.  We don’t need more White Saviors, or any more White Guilt.  If the White masses simply recognized and acted in their own collective best interest that would be enough.  More than enough. 

I think every school should just teach history, the real unaltered history, and that’s it.  I think every person should be an ongoing student of history. 

Fuck Racist, too, fuck what they think about it.

In case folks don’t know what you referring to: https://www.pcc.edu/about/diversity/cascade/whiteness-history-month/

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