Our Sisters & Dey Shows: The ‘Scandal’ within the ‘Empire’ of Pro-Sports.

It’s play off season, and yet again I don’t see Black women buggin out about the amount of time, emotion, energy, and money Black men are putting into watching other men chase balls for millions while generating billions for their owners.

I hope you brothers appreciate this: being able to consume and enjoy your distractions in peace without Sisters talking smack about your past time somehow being a detriment to the progress and well-being of the entire Black community.

Yall Brothers need to think about this before yall post another meme aboutEmpire, or start buggin out about the season premier of Scandal.

If yall Brothers are able to enjoy vacuous entertainment yet retain your Black Consciousness Cards, so can the Sisters, right?

So, enjoy the irrelevant ball chasing, and the unending discussions and debates yall get into about the ball chasing between games; and leave these women alone about dey shows!