How Does a “Social Justice” Movement Garner the Support of the Unjust?

I wish the Gay rights movement would share with all the other Social Justice Movements in the US today; just how do you garner the support of Multinational corporations, how do you manage to garner the support of some of the most regressive and imperialist politicians in the US?

I mean damn!  We have corporations that suppress workers rights, that
exploit Third World slave labor, corporations that rape the lands and
natural resources of the Third World; but when it comes to the
GRM, all of a sudden these same corporations become so goddamn
progressive, they become so enlightened, they become staunch supports of
liberty and human rights.  How yall do dat LGBTQAI?  

Even the nation of Israel got yall back, from hosting a Pride parade in their apartheid state to prominent Zionist giving millions of dollars to LGBTQAI organizations.

From Disney hosting events at their theme parks for the LGBTQAI
community, to having the fascist police who love nothing better than
busting heads at rallies for justice, those same fascist cops be dancing
down the street in Pride Parades and overlooking all kinds of crimes
and indiscretions during the Pride celebrations.  How yall do dat

Hell, yall even got Charles Barkely,
a man who’s never stood for shit beyond he own selfish aims and
ignorant views comes out swinging when the LGBTQAI movement is offended
or under attack.  Barkely, who would happily step over the corpses of ‪#‎MikeBrown‬, ‪#‎TrayvonMartin‬, and even little ‪#‎AyannaJones‬
and not give a damn is losing sleep over some stupid, unenforceable
legislation coming out of Indiana.  How yall do dat LGBTQAIs?

I’m not hating,  I think it would be cool if other progressive
movements got some of that Wal-Mart and Bill Gates money, if the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬
movement got police escorts and full police support of their marches.  I
wish president Obama would express his strong support of Reparations
for Slavery and Discrimination.  I wish at least one other social
justice movement got props from the establishment like the GRM get.  How
yall do dat?

I’ve always suspected that the GRM was a movement
that is not about justice, but about allowing the White and affluent
gays to openly participate in the Systems and Institutions of White
Domination; and that’s why LGBTQAIs who suffer injustice like Bradley Manning, now know as Chelsea manning, and CeCe McDonald;
those LGBTQAIs who fundamentally challenge the Systems of Oppression
and Injustice instead of trying to get those Systems to open up to
LGBTQAIs get no marches, rallies, pr boycotts in their names or for
their causes.  I figure that’s why the corporations, politicians, and
other oppressors so cool wit chall, but I could be wrong.

So tell
me GRM, what’s the secret?  How do you get Oppressive systems and
institutions to support you in opposing oppression, unless you are not
really against oppression.

I’m waiting GRM.