How do you deal with An New African Negro & African-american hating Africans?

I don’t deal with them. 

I think it was Khalid Muhammad who stated that; “if a dog bites you, you don’t argue with the dog, you deal with the Master.”

So these New Negros represent the values, agendas, outlooks, and Systems of the Oppressors, but they haven’t built shit, and they don’t really run shit, so there’s no point in fighting them; we just need to Expose, Isolate, and Expel them, that’s all. Expel them from our organizations and formations, and eventually from the community as a whole.  When we secure Pan-Africanism, and Nationhood, then we can deal with them as all civilized nations have always dealt with traitors.

Kwame Ture also stated that: “I want power, so I only fight with people who have power, it is a waste of time fighting with those who have not power because there is nothing to gain there.”

So we don’t need to oppose those who have not power if our mission is Black Power.

Note: You may see me going back and forth with New Negros via Social Media, and I’ve been on panel discussions and formal debate with them, but that’s for educational and exposures purposes.  We need to know who’s who and we need to understand what our internal enemies are thinking and what they are up to, so there is some value in allowing them to Self Expose, and spew their indoctrination, but you don’t see them with me in the community, or organizing with New Negros, that’s where we really have to draw the line. 

Another Note: Simply disagreeing with me dose not make one a New Negro; they like to pretend that, but there are many Pan-Africanist that I have strong disagreements with, but they are not New Negros, and we work and organize together.

Our Scholars and Revolutionist, from Garvey, to Malcolm X, to Khalid Muhammad have made it very clear what a New Negro is and the things New Negros do.  The profile if the New Negro, the Old Negro, the Uncle Tom, the Sambo, and the House Slave is well defined and they are often not very hard to spot once they open their mouths.