Pan-African PSA: Arguing, Debating, & Name Calling.

We like to imagine that there is some formula or behavior that will provoke Whites and others not to oppress and exploit us.

That’s why we have Black people who talk that “tear each other down,” nonsense. They wanna pretend that if we have arguments, debates, disagreements, or just identify other Black people that we don’t like, then it justifies the Oppression we are subjected to.

These are the “Unity for the sake of Unity,” people. They think: “We gotta talk nice and avoid criticizing each other or we are as bad as the Racists.” This is Dumb Shit.

Some of the bloodiest Civil Wars in human history have been fought in Asia, Europe, and the US; that don’t even count the Two World Words Whites fought between each other. There are also whole publications dedicated to one group of White people hating on other groups of White people, that’s not even counting Fox News. But they are still unified when it matters, they still have independent power, and power over us. Yet there’s been more internal hatred and bloodshed between Whites than any other Race.

Critique, Criticism, and even Name Calling are valuable if they provide insights. People need to be collectively and personally self-critical in order to grown and in order to make sure their culture is sustained!

Stop fucking crying about how we are arguing about an issue that pertains to all of us, family members fight, they hash shit out, and they grow and move on. If you get scared when you see Grown folks having an issue, then STFU, and scroll past my post. Fucking Cry Babies!

I am mature and intelligent enough to know when it’s time to talk, argue, or shut-up and get to work, I don’t need anyone telling me when to do so or when not to.

This is Social Media, set up for all kinds of exchanges, not just polite, and friendly superficial BS. If that’s what you need, then why are we even Social Media connected?

There are people on here who’ve said shit that I fundamentally and totally disagree with, but if I saw them in the streets I’d greet them with respect, I’d be willing to work with them towards any common productive goal. If you don’t have them maturity to debate/argue/disagree and them move on, then please STFU and move on without engaging. It’s that simple. Damn.