I know you said, fuck Sowell and Williams but I’d appreciate if you could elaborate. There exists a group of blacks who think those two are great thinkers. I even saw some black dude on twitter claim Sowell is the GOAT(greatest of all time). smh.

Listen, I don’t believe in trying to resurrect the dead.  Sowell and Williams ain’t worth the attention of Black folks.  Focusing on them is like trying to sue the dog instead of the owner when you get bit.  They don’t have their own ideas and positions, they just ape what Massa say, they are simply Black Apologist for White Oppression, and as much as I love cracking on Uncle Toms and New Negros, I don’t always have time to.  

Get a copy of The American Directory of Certified Uncle Toms; it lays out all you need to know about these two Toms and dozens of others.  We are long over due for additional volumes of this text, I swear.


OH, and here’s another historical text that lays out the origins of Black Apologist for White Oppression; it’s a biographical text about the life and ideas of the first modern, post-slavery, self-hating, disgusting Uncle Tom named William Hannibal Thomas.


It’s better to understand the larger phenomenon of Black Racial Treason than it is to focus on some played out Uncle Toms, in my opinion.  Maybe later, when I have way too much time on my hands I’ll do a write up on Sowell and Williams; but really they are some Basic ass Uncle Toms that will fade away and be replaced by new ones sooner than later, and all they really deserve from the Black community is a great big: FUCK YOU!

And fuck their Tom Ass followers as well, I don’t know of any legitimate Black scholars that look to them, only other Toms and New Negros.  Let them continue their tradition of Shuckin and Jivin for White Racist, we got better shit to focus on.