Is it possible to built eco friendly cars,motorbikes,trucks,airplanes or should we abondon all those things in order to save the life sustaining capacity of this earth ? And what about Technology in general are you against it ?

It is essentially impossible to built eco friendly cars, motorbikes, trucks, or airplanes. Even if you manage to fuel them using bio-fuels, electric batteries, or hydrogen cells. Over 7 gallons of oil goes into manufacturing 1 car tire, the among of oil goes up exponentially for truck & plane tires.  The dash boards, the steering wheels, etc all are manufactured using petroleum based material.  Also, more fossil fuels go into securing the materials to manufacture that car than will be used to power the car over it’s lifetime. 

These industries are unsustainable and ecocidal; there’s no way around that.

Also, the infrastructure needed to sustain a car/truck/motorbike/plane based society is also fossil fuel intensive and ecocidal.  They work needed to sustain that infrastructure is also ecocidal and unsustainable. Sorry. 

I don’t don’t think humanity needs to fully abandon cars and the rest; but we need to reduce the production, usage, and need for them; by more than 90% before the turn of the century or humanity along with all other complex lifeforms and ecosystems are doomed. 

We need to develop walkable and bikeable communities across the globe. We need to re-localize service, manufacturing, agriculture, and distribution; Globalization must die. 

The only thing wrong with technology is that it’s driven, controlled, and owned by Capitalist.  So only the few profit from technology, and tech that can generate profit will be advanced (no matter how harmful) while tech that can’t will be suppressed (no matter how beneficial). We must separate Capitalism from Tech in order to fully benefit from human ingenuity. 

Tech needs to be collectively owned, socially developed, and communally distributed, it needs to be ecological above all else. 

I’m pro Science and Tech; my first career was as a diagnostic technologist; I’m not anti-tech by any stretch.

I think the most promising arena of tech right now is Biomimicry.