Black Liberation Matters…

Throughout the recent cluster of atrocities, and the emerging protest movements Blacks have generally maintained:

1. Their same spending habits.
2. Their observations of holidays, sporting events, and other Western cultural traditions.
3. The same social circles and social outlets.
4. Their leisure travel schedules.
5. The tolerance of non-White businesses and property ownership in majority Black areas.
6. Their worship of the same Gods that have failed to intervention on their behalf.
7. Their support for the Democratic party (which is the party in power
in the White House, and in most Black communities during the cluster of
8. Their desire for full integration into this system.
9. Their anti-gun, nonviolence stance when it comes to collective organizing and resistance.
10. Their willingness to engage in collective protest and demonstrations, and their total rejection of collective economics.
11. Their refusal to internationalize our struggle and employ the full
numbers, talents, and resources of Africans across the globe to end all
atrocities against all Africans across the globe.

We have not demonstrated our willingness to end these atrocities, and
police atrocities are just the surface, there are atrocities committed
against us in all Western Institutions, from schools, to hospitals, to
NfPs, to State and Federal Government, to the Jails and Prisons; in all
areas of this economy we are subjected to injustices and atrocities, and
we’ve shown no real willingness to stop them.

Demonstrating, Marching, Signing Petitions, and all of the other go to
responses are painfully inadequate, but we keep employing them because
they don’t require us to take on the responsibility and risk of true
Liberation; they allow us to remain integrated with our Oppressors at
the same time we pretend to oppose Oppression.

I know I’m sounding like a broken record, but I don’t know what else to say.