The Worst Thing About Religion…

The worst thing about Religion and Religious Faith is that it provides the perfect excuse/exit for those who refuse to resist forces of oppression, fight to end the ecocide caused by the corporate and military forces that surround us, and those who refuse to pave a way for our children and descendents to live a sustainable and liberated life.

Those of you who “wait on the Lord,” “anticipate an ultimate and unavoidable apocalyptic judgment,” and “see all of this injustice as God’s will and evidence of man’s inherent sinfulness,” are the greatest assets to the small Global Elite who dominate and rape the world and all lifeforms on it.

If your interpretation of your particular Religion/Spiritual System/Faith do not mandate that your oppose all forms of oppression, ecocide, and injustice; then your beliefs are not spiritual or godly, they are escapism, they are delusional mental illnesses.