How can Haiti be free of it’s chronic problems and issues and become the powerhouse of African liberation that it’s supposed to be in your opinion? I find it deeply disturbing and distressing that there doesn’t exist at least one strong African superpower nation/territory on the planet. Haiti should have been that land as it’s was the first and only successful establishment of a free black republic founded by enslaved Africans.

I think so, and the Western Imperialist Powers agree with me; or else why would they invest so much time and resources in suppressing Haiti’s people?

I also agree that we need community, regional, national, continental Power and Global Pan-African unification and coordination.  The path to all of that is visible, but full of traps and obstructions.  I say Global unification over Superpower status & Domination cuz that’s a terminal condition for any nation or culture. Only sick nations and cultures seek to rule the world.  As in history, all Superpowers and Empires are destine for a hard and permanent fall. 

I identify Haiti as the World Capital of the African Diaspora.  Africans outside of Africa will only rise as high as we can lift Haiti, we’ll only be as unified as Haiti, we’ll only be as free as Haiti.  Again, the Western Imperialist understand this as well, that’s why they seek to sustain Haiti as a symbol of Black dysfunction and poverty?

Our enemies understand the significance of Haiti more than the masses of our people, and that is also by design.  

The Haitian Revolution is still in effect, it has yet to be lost or won and we have an opportunity to make our own contributions to it.  

Every Pan-African formation should have a Haiti Agenda, even if they are not in a position to fully implement that agenda, it should be under construction until the organization is in a position to fully enact it. 

One thing that made it possible for Haiti to become the first Liberated African Republic in the World was its adherence to African Cultural and Spiritual practices, and I think that’s key today, Haiti is infested with Alien Missions and Alien Missionaries trying to further indoctrinate our Brothers and Sisters while pretending to aid and support them in their struggles.  There are also so many New Negro, Tom, Treasonous Black folks doing the bidding of Haiti’s enemies.

I’m not a man of faith, but I’m a student of history and I see that Haiti’s trajectory (along with the African Diaspora, and Africa) is one of freedom and empowerment, as long as we all do what we know needs to be done.