Do you think black people in America need to eventually leave America and go to Africa at some point?

No, our Oppression is globalized, so must our Liberation Struggle be, every African needs to find the best place that suits their ability to contribute to the Struggle, and get to work.  Start from where you are, and work with what you got.

I support Black people who want to return home and build, I support Africans who want to migrate abroad and build, as long as you are building towards Pan-Africanism and Liberation; then the planet is yours, all of it, find the most advantageous space for you and link up, and get to work. 

Also, repatriation of skills and resources back to African is most important, we need to send select individuals to African, and needed resources; we can not just be emotional about this, this is war and requires well thought out strategies. 

I’d love to go to Africa right now, but I have a comrade there who’s organizing on the front-lines in West Africa and he needs $150 a month for housing and a base of operations more than he needs to see me for a few days or weeks. 

Just imagine if all the money we spent buying plane tickets (from White corporations) for short visits was put in the hand of Revolutionary Africans to build the infrastructure of Africa.  Many of our people are in African lounging on the beaches next to the European and White American tourist, that’s not acceptable from my point of view, we really need to get serious, when we show Africa that we are serious and willing to use or limited resources to build, then we’ll see some real changes.