Omnicide: The Ultimate Outcome of White Domination.

The wealth and comfort of Whites is based on the killing, exploitation, and suppression of non-Whites; and the pollution and destruction of the biosphere. We cover that up with rhetoric about the 3rd World, and the Developed nations, instead of calling it what it is; White Omnicidal Aggression. Whites understand this on an instinctive level. That’s why they show such hostility when this System of Global White Domination is challenged, it is also why non-racist Whites who recognize the injustice only protest and petition, but they almost never met their fellow Whites with violence to stop racist genocidal violence. We can’t talk honestly about this global phenomenon, else we’ll be called reverse racist. If we don’t honestly address this, this Omnicidal system will do more than kill and deny justice to Black youth, it will destroy the very life sustaining capacity of planet earth. From nuclear weapons to GMOs, this system has not limits to its willingness to destroy, it has a Death Urge that cannot be sated.

That’s why we must go deeper, why we have to give our all to the Liberation struggle, it ain’t about Trayvon, it ain’t about economic development or good jobs, it ain’t even about justice and freedom at this point. Shit has gone so for off that it is about drinkable water, breathable air, and edible food for the planet! Essentially, if the System of Global White Domination survives, we will all die, even if every oppressed person in the world gained full freedom and had a billion dollars! We have to dismantle the systems and institutions that the Racist stand on, not force them to open up their institutions to the rest of us, or to be more just towards us. If we don’t get this, we are all doomed.