What are your thoughts on our ancestor Frances Cress Welsing white genetic annihilation theory concept?


Well, TBH it doesn’t really hold up on it’s own.

Dr. FCW states that Whites are driven to dominate the world due to their inability to reproduce themselves with other Races, that their genetic inferiority is at the core of their Aggression, Colonization, Genocide, Dominance, and Oppression.

The problem is, we have some insights today that Dr. FCW didn’t have in the 70s when she was developing he “Keys to the Colors” Theory laid out in the “Isis Papers.” Those insights revolve around Global Warming, Ecocide, and Omnicide.

It don’t make sense that a people would take over the world to preserve their Genetic stock, their phenotype only to destroy the life sustaining capacity of the earth.  

Also, White subjected each other to the same treatment that they imposed on Asians, Africans, and Native Americas long before they boarded those rat infested ships to “discover” the New World.

When Whites arrived in the New (to them) World they were already masters at warfare, mass systematic rape, colonization, enslavement, etc. They were engaged in these actions even before they knew there was a threat of Genetic Annihilation from the non-White Majority. 

I read and I appreciate Dr. FWC contributions, but I think it’s time we expanded and refined her analysis.

I think her theories, along with her teacher and mentor Neely Fuller have their place, but they are not the total story.

I think William Bradley’s “Iceman’s Inheritance,” and Dr. Bobby E. Wright’s, “Psychopathic Racial Personality” do the work of building on and improving FCW’s theories.