Ban Religious Black Leaders!

Religious men, by definition cannot be true leaders.  

think about it; religious men all bow to a higher power, and when they
are put in positions of power their mandate is to “lead,” or “guide”
others to follow the higher power.  Any Religious man who asserts that
he is the Power, is in deep violation of his own doctrine.  

Religious man is not self-guided, he is not critical, he has, by his own
admission, rejected knowledge, he will not eat from the Tree of
Knowledge, and sees the quest for knowledge and understanding (beyond
what his Master offers) as a path to Satan, and hell.  

Don’t be
fooled when you hear a Religious man speak of truth and knowledge, they
are only referring to truth and knowledge as revealed and sanctioned by
their limited Holy Books, and unscientific Doctrine.

So, if a
Religious man can’t be a true leader, why do we Black folks have all
these so-called leaders with Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Father, Rabbi,
Imam in front of their names?  

It’s because we don’t elect, or
appoint our own leaders; they are groomed and fed to us by our
Oppressors.  Those leaders then go about pacifying us, or directing our
energies and attention towards issues and actions that will not threaten
our Oppressors.  These Religiously based leaders are not true leaders,
they are guides to a Greater Power.  

Then the question arises, where are these “Leaders” guiding us to.

If you are also a believer, a Religions person, you would conclude that
they are guiding us to Gods, heavens, salvation, or some other state
that is beyond this world; but history has shown, no matter how good you
are setting yourself up in the Next World, you can still be really fuck
up in this one.  

So even if you have faith that a Religious
Leader is properly guiding you into the Next World, you still have to
admit that you need some other, more qualified leadership in the real
world. You need to leave the Religious Leader in the Pulpit and tell him
to keep his ass out of the political, social, economic, and material
world conflicts and agendas, because he is unqualified, and it’s beyond
his mandate.

If you are not a believer, not a Religious person,
you will understand that the Religious Leader has nothing to sell
besides false hope, and empty distraction.  Even if they wrap their
false hope in militant, Black Nationalist rhetoric, you know it’s still
rooted in a fictional power, and a never coming salvation. You will
realize that the real “God” the Religious Leaders are following is
Mammon; or more accurately, those who print the mammon (aka: money).  
You will understand that these Religious leaders are herding the masses
in the interest of the Elites.  

We’ve had predominantly Religious Leaders since Chattel Slavery,
up to now.  You’d be hard pressed to find a national Black Leader who
didn’t have a Minster/Rev./Pastor before their name.  Even our beloved
Malcolm and King were Ministers/Reverends. (Although MX adopted a
Secular leadership and analysis prior to his assassination.)

to wake up from this.  Time for all these unqualified, and ineffective
Religiously based leaders to sit their asses down, the old and the
emerging ones.  Go help those who wish to make it to the Next World, and
leave the Material World, and the struggles of this Material world to
the Logic, Evidence, Rationality, and  Reason based leaders.  Leave
Leadership to those who understand that the People and their Interest is
the Higher Power a real Leader should sever, above all else.  

Go do your God thing and stop fucking shit up.  Your services are no longer required.

(If you doubt me, don’t jump on here spewing your Religious
Indoctrination, it’s not going to help you or me.  Just got and take a
little time to do a comparative study between nations and populations
who have secular vs. religious leadership.  You will find that the
Religious leaders are not more moral, or less corrupt than the secular
leaders, but the secular leaders and nations are so much more effective.
 Even the Zionist leaders and founder were non-Religious; Theodor Herzel
was a professed Atheist who know the Jews would never have their State
if they waited on their God.  Even with all the talk of God and Country,
the US don’t elect White ministers and reverend to lead their nation,
neither to the Europeans; but they love supporting religious leaders for
those they oppress and colonize.  Look it up.  

If you don’t
have Secular Leadership and Agendas, you are doomed, so if you want more
than Mansions in Heaven, but power and Liberation in this world, you
better tell Pastah to sit his ass down until it’s time to perform on
Sunday morning, then sit down til next Sunday, and leave the real work
to the Secular leaders.)