You admire the Jews in the way they’ve liberated themselves. You compared the ongoing genocide of Blacks in the US to the genocide of Jews in Europe. How much do you think we should emulate them in our struggle? Also, would it be a good idea to hire a Jew lawyer to sue for our slave reparations? After all, they’ve won a lot of $ for themselves–Jews know what they’re doing!

1. Jews didn’t liberate themselves, the Communist defeated the Nazis and liberated them.  The Western Imperial Powers armed and supported them in their invasion and colonization of Palestine. Here a picture of the Red Army of Communist Russia liberating Auschwitz; (notice the Asian, non-White soldier of the Red Army). People in the US are painfully ignorant of real history: 

2. I have made comparisons, but that don’t mean I think that they are the same, but there are overlaps, as with all campaigns of Genocide carried out by the West. I’ve also referenced Genocide of the Native Americans (North and South), the Armenian Genocide, the Genocidal wars in South East Asia and the Middle-East; when it’s relevant to do so.

3. I don’t think we should emulate the Zionist in any fashion in our efforts to secure Liberation and end Genocide. 

4. I don’t think Reparations are won in court, the terms can be negotiated in courts, but they are won in the Streets.  As for the religion of the Lawyer, I don’t really GAF as long as they are competent and they win, esp. in the US legal shit-stem.

5. I don’t agree that Jews really know what they are doing any more or less than any other White settler colonialist, if you understood White Domination and Colonialism, you’d know just how tenuous any nation rooted in genocide and colonization is.  

If you’d take a break from your trolling and your diet of Western propaganda, you’d have a better understanding of the world in general and the state of the Zionist State and Western Imperialist support for the Zionist State. But I don’t have the time or interest in correcting you.