As far as we are concerned, are they aiming for slavery or extinction?

They (and I’m assuming you are referring to those who Run and Profit from Global White Domination and Global Capitalism)….they want Domination and Profit; that’s it.

Unfortunately, both Domination and Profit inevitably require Slavery and drive us to extinction; not just animal and human extinction, but the destruction of the life sustaining capacity of the entire planet; which is Omicide.

You can’t have profit without slavery, cuz profit is generated solely by expropriating the labor and resources of others.  No one has don’t millions or billions of dollars worth of work, no one, ever; not Bill Gates, not Oprah; the only way to get millions and billions is to steal it illegally, or steal it legally with the aid of the State, Laws, and Armed public servants. 

One thing to conciser though, Capitalism may soon fucking without Slavery due to advances in robotics.  They will seek to replace as many workers as possible with robots, programs, and automated system.  Then the masses won’t be enslaved, they will be left in the streets and slums to starve and cannibalize each other.  Capitalism will never free Slaves, but it’s more than willing to render us obsolete. 

The world and it’s ecosystems is not a large commodity to be exploited for profit, when you treat it that way you destroy the world’s ecosystems that all being depend on. Capitalism cannot exists without the commodification of everything, nature, and even human relations and needs.  Everything has to be valued, then sold for the highest possible profit.  This unnatural System of Capitalism is totally incompatible with the natural world.  No other beings, lions, tiger, ants, etc, seek or generate profit.  Just Humans, most humans didn’t have this drive either until European came to Dominate the world and impose their sick, Omincidal System on the rest of us.

Finally, Domination is a psychopathic drive fed by a deep seeded insecurity.  The Cultures of the West have this drive to Dominate and Expand, now that they have the earth, they are polluting and weaponizing space.  We can theorize about why, or where this impulse comes from, bu the bottom line is that Domination is also incompatible with the world’s ecosystem.  When any species becomes dominate, it collapses the entire system.  Domination in the nature world is called Cancer or Infestation; it’s not health and should be opposed, in all of it’s manifestations.  The West cannot image a world where it does not Dominate, since the West “discovered” the rest of the world it has been on a relentless, genocidal drive to dominate all, all people, all nations, all economies, all existence.  It is a sick impulse, and fits like a glove in a Capitalist World economy. 

So, slavery is a necessity, and extinction is the ultimate outcome; but the aim is Profit and Domination.