Diallo, if these terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS/L are really real, then why are they not taking down these global banking cartels and other institutions of white domination? Media says there are terrorist cells everywhere with hacking capabilities, but global capitalism is still going. Second question, do you feel hacking can help advance panAfricanism and what are your thoughts on groups like Anonymous? I can’t trust it. They used to be WRITs on 4chan.

You got it. 

There isn’t one Terrorist Group that is/was not trained, funded, supported, and guided by a Government.  That includes street gangs that engage in political or destabilizing violence within oppressed and resistance groups. 

The US government has been busted way too many times supporting armed terrorist groups, from the Mujaheddin (now know as: the Taliban and Al-Qaeda),  to the Contras, to the Mafia, to the crack dealing Urban Gangs in the US for us to still be falling for all of this False Flag Terrorism.

We need to start focusing on State Crimes Against Democracy instead of terrorism; cuz that’s where the real threats to “freedom and liberty” reside.

As for “hacking” advancing Pan-Africansim, there’s a strong potential, but it hasn’t been developed yet.  I don’t the movement takes proper advantage of the legal and open technology for the struggle, so it may be premature to venture into hacking as a tool in the struggle.  #BabySteps

As for Anonymous, I respect the work that they do, the same goes for Snowden, Assange, Manning, other Whistle Blowers, and WikiLeaks.  #SnitchOnTheSystem!

I think it’s a good tactic to mix the exposure of political corruption and State Crimes in the with celebrity shit for Anonymous also, cuz that gives them more mass appeal; and while folks are searching leaks about Kanye they can happen upon some real info to advance their understanding and better inform their actions.