now that trump is prez are u leaving the usa?


The Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Omnicidal Capitalism are global, so there’s not where to run to, there is no sanctuary on this earth.

There is not one piece of land, not one drop of water, not one iceberg that is free of toxins from industrial pollutants.  The oceans are being depleted of all live.  Every single ecosystem on earth is contaminated and in decline; so where the hell is there to go to escape Trump, the US, or the Psychopathic Racial Personality that rules this earth and keeps us all under its nuclear umbrella?

I’m not against leaving the US, renouncing my US citizenship, moving to find more fertile grounds to build and struggle, but I promise you, it will not be moving becuz I’m running from or afraid of some cartoonist Fascist or his followers.

This is our world, we need take it the fuck back from these Capitilist, and White Aggressors, not try to find a corner of earth upon which to hide from them.