As you seem like a person who likes to be informed, just thought I’d share some info from a Jewish perspective. The first thing being that Jews are considered to be an ethnoreligious group, so we there are both ethnic Jews and religious Jews. While American Jews are (generally) considered to be conditionally white, European Jews are not (due to the different standards for whiteness; also hence Nazi eugenics). Also, goy or goyim is not a term of hatred, it literally just means gentile or non-Jew.

As you seem like a person who likes to uncritically absorbe White Propaganda, just thought I’d share some more info from a Pan-African perspective. 

1.  First, not only is what White people say not the fucking law of the universe, it’s very often a blatant and easily disprovable lie.  For example: Europe is not a continent, I know that is a shock to you, but look up the definition of continent, then look at a map of Europe.  But because White folks say it’s a continent, and they have the bad habit of slaughtering those who disagree with them, we all pretend it’s a continent. 

The same goes for the “Jewish Race.” Judaism isn’t passed through the semen, it’s not embedded in the ovaries of Jewish women;  I could become a Jew tomorrow; and you could stop being a Jew today.  Even when Hitler wanted to gather up the Jews, he couldn’t just walk down the streets and point them out.  Some Jews made it easy for him, by dressing/talking very distinctly or by living is predominantly Jewish neighborhoods, but others didn’t, and since White Jews look no different than other White people, he had to rely on records that the synagogues kept, or other public records that recorded one’s religion.  Hitler had to employ “Jew Hunters” to find all the hidden Jews in Germany, because they couldn’t simply be identified by looking at them.  These “Jew Hunters” were even reduced to stopping random Germans in the streets, forcing them to drop their pants to check if they had been circumcised.  May Jews were so well hidden that they joined the Nazi Party and fought for the Axis victory.

So please, get over yourself; you are not a distinct Race, and there is no such thing as a Ethnoreligious group.  There are many different ethnicities that adopt the religion of Judaism; it’s just that the White Jews, like White people in general, have been so fucking aggressive, and greedy that they wanna take over the whole damn religion and kick out those who’ve been practicing Judaism before White folks ever knew about it (just ask the Ethiopian Jews who are catching hell in Israel right now). 

Oh, and with the advent of DNA testing, yall really need to stop talking that Jewish Race shit, cuz we can now say with definitive proof that White Jews have no historical ties to the “holy lands,” that yall never slaved in Egypt, and that yall are not distinct from other White people from Western, Central, and Eastern Europe.

2. I know that White is a fluid title, Jews are not the only White folks who’ve had their White Card revoked by more dominant groups of White people; just ask the Irish, who used to be called “Ni99ers,” or ask the Slavs of Eastern Europe, or the Roma who are all over Europe, they treated like human garbage by other Whites in all other nations.  White people invented this whole Racial Classification and Racial Hierarchy bullshit, just like yall invented “Ethnoreligious Groups,” and it’s all bullshit, but like I said before, Whites mass slaughter those who disagree with them, so we have to roll with that bullshit until we can end yall capacity to mass kill people who disagree with yall or expose yall bullshit.  After inventing Race and Racial Hierarchy, White folks can’t even keep that shit straight.  People are always floating in and out of the White Box, even East Indians were classified as White in the US for a time, what’s White in Latin America magically becomes Latino or Hispanic once it reaches the United States, so Jews are not unique in having their ethnicity or racial classification change when they cross borders; but it’s all bullshit, so again, get over yourself.

3. Also, Jews didn’t not suffer the first nor the greatest holocaust/genocide, and what holocaust they did endure does not excuse their genocidal agenda in the West Bank and Gaza, so yall need to stop referring to the German Holocaust as THE HOLOCAUST;  just though I’d throw that in. 

4. I never said Goy or Goyim was a term of hatred, it’s a term of distinction; that separates Jews from non-Jews, but when you parade around the world asserting that you are “God’s Chosen People,” and you then invent a blanket term for all the rest of humanity, which essentially means “not chosen,” you can see how people will get suspicions about the true nature of that term.

I got some other shit to share, but I’m sure I’ve already given you more than you can absorb in one sitting.  I’m pretty sure your face is flush right now, so I’ll stop here so you can calm down. After you are done calling me a “dumb Ni99er,” and an “antisemitite” you can then take time to confirm all that I’ve shared with you.  There are even Jewish scholars who will back me up. 

Once you get over the myths and lies you’ve been fed and you decide you are more interested in joining humanity instead of holding false superiority over the rest of humanity; then renounce your “Choseness,” and find a far left, Radial, anti-Capitalist, anti-Zionist organization and get to work dismantling the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination.